Bag Policy

All visitors to the FirstOntario Centre should expect be subject to a search. This may include pat downs, searches of any bags, and wand checks. Failure to comply will result in denied entry to the venue.

Age Restrictions

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


The photography policy is typically as follows: no professional cameras (a camera, digital or otherwise, with a detachable/interchangeable lens of any size/type) or recording equipment, ipads, or audio/video recording from any device. Camera policies are at the discretion of the event organiser and so vary from one event to another – please contact the venue directly for further information on your event.

Food And Drink

Outside food and drink may not be brought into the venue. Alcohol may be served to anyone aged 19 or older at a limit of two drinks per purchase, though all guests will be expected to show ID. The venue reserves the right to deny purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Prohibited Items

The list of prohibited items at the FirstOntario Centre includes, but is not limited to: Aerosol Cans, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Backpacks, Beach Balls, Helium Balloons or Other Inflatables, Glass, Plastic, or Metal Containers, Lasers or Laser Pointers, Skateboards, Roller Blades or Roller Shoes Sticks or Clubs (Including Signs or Banners Attached to Sticks), and Weapons of any kind.

If the venue management perceive a threat to the safety or enjoyment of an event, they reserve the right to confiscate items or remove a dangerous or disruptive individual from the premises. Please be mindful and respectful of other guests during your visit.

Most importantly: Be respectful of those around you and enjoy the show!

For more information on FirstOntario Centre and to read about this venues history, check out the FirstOntario Centre information page.