Sometimes it is difficult to pinpoint the exact spot you want at an event, so we have created an independent guide to help assist you in finding the best seats at The FirstOntario Center. so that your time there is the best it can possibly be. We advise that after reading this independent guide you click on the link for the specific event at The FirstOntario Center you’d like to peruse to see an interactive seating map. You can view the seating arrangement for the events you’re interested in on our The FirstOntario Center seating chart.

It’s important to note that the flexible seating and stage set-ups at The First Ontario Center allow the venue to adapt it’s setting to meet various needs for different events, so be aware of this when booking your tickets and what it is you want from your seat spot to help give you the time of your life.


firstontario centre sportsseating chart


The lower bowl is the ring surrounding the playing pitch and has 28 levels, ranging from being mere meters away from the action taking place in the game, or higher up where there’s a better view of the playing ring. These types of seats are the best for wheelchair accessibility as from section 111 to 119 there is easier access to the escalators and elevators. These seats tend to sell out quickly for sporting events, so if you’re sure you want to be in the lower bowls and closer to the action, get on it as soon as possible and secure your tickets.


This is the outer ring section of seats that surround the pitch and lower bowl seats, climbing into the heavens of the arena in its 14 levels. You aren’t as close to the action but will have a better overall view of what’s happening on the ground. The rush of atmosphere as teams battle to be victorious is breathtaking, with the cries, shouts and screams of the surrounding crowd giving you a buzz that is infectious. It is worth noting that the higher levels don’t have wheelchair access availability.


firstontario centre concert seating chart


There are 8 sections of floor seats available when the arena is hosting non-sporting events. These can vary depending on the type of event as to whether there is any standing space. We recommend this area if you want to be right in the middle of every glorious second of the event. The best seats would be the ones that are closest to the stage. Be mindful that the two sections near the mixing desk may have some visual obscurities.


In our humble opinion these seats give the best of both worlds in regards to being nearer the stage but having a better overall view, particularly between sections 110-120. These seats are also the best for wheelchair accessibility and closer to the exits if you need to nip out during the event to a different part of the venue.


Similar to sporting events, you are further away from the action, but the overall view and synergy that you will experience makes it a great option to soak up all the atmosphere of the event.


Please note that level 100 and level 200 seating sections have NO wheelchair access. The best accessible seating is on the concourse top and has access to the elevator and escalator.

Event Staff at the FirstOntario Center are happy to help if you require further assistance or a wheelchair escort. On your arrival to the event visit the Guest Relations desk (located at Aisle 37) and speak to an Event Services Supervisor – they want all guests who attend FirstOntario Center events to have a great time and are happy to give assistance and answer any queries.

* It’s important to note that the FirstOntario Center is an arena that hosts a variety of events. The seating arrangements and sections will change depending on the type of event taking place. When booking tickets for the event you wish to attend, we strongly recommend seeing the event details so you have accurate information of the event’s seating chart.

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