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Toronto Rock Lacrosse 2024The FirstOntario Centre will have the great The Toronto Rock Lacrosse team using the Centre as their home arena for the 2023-2024 National Lacrosse League (NLL) season – it is finally here! You can be a part of the action by browsing the ticket options below – grab your chance to see the super-star lacrosse team, The Toronto Rock (also known as The Rock) as they battle against other NLL teams to be the victors of the season. They will fight their way to become super-nova legends in the NLL and are proud to be playing at the FirstOntario Centre.

The Toronto Rock is proud of their legacy of passion, team playing and community they’ve created with their own blood, sweat and tears. They love that fans support and journey with them with passion that rivals their own. Do not miss out on the latest and biggest The Toronto Rock action and what will happen as they begin the 2023-2024 NLL season!


‘The Rock are one of the top contending teams for the NLL Cup’ – Lacrosse Flash

Toronto Rock Lacrosse Tickets

CHANGES FOR 2023-2024

There are some huge changes to the current season. When the 18-game season schedule was announced some significant changes were too, such as several fresh structural formats, like schedule parity with each team playing every other team once plus 4 additional ‘flex’ games and ‘unified standings’ which ranks teams regardless of their geography. They are the biggest changes to the NLL schedule format in the league’s entire history and aim to refresh and build the league even more.
The Toronto Rock are stoked and ready to begin their 25th season and have players and a coach team that are sticking to the foundations of the team franchise, but also pushing and working hard to a future of being an even bigger and better team and players.
Their 2022 season was a great season for The Rock – they had a record of 13 wins and 5 losses, yielding the fewest goals in the league with 166 and scoring 207 goals. They finished second in the NLL Eastern Division and had a postseason mark of 1-2. They are preparing for even more this season, so don’t miss out on being there for their home games at the FirstOntario Centre. They will be unforgettable and history making live sports events that will change the future of Lacrosse.

Toronto Rock


Players are vital to the wins and losses of the team, but the coach team are important too. For this year’s season, The Toronto Rock boasts legendary figures in the Lacrosse world that are working with the players to increase their victories and face the changes in the NLL with strength and determination.
Head coach, Matt Sawyer, is thrilled to be entering his 6th season as Head Coach to The Toronto Rock and wants to not just reach the finals (like they did with the East Division Final in both 2017 and 2019) but take them to victory and win. Retired and epic goaltender and assistant coach to the team, Brandon Miller, is focused on working with the Rock’s stable of goaltenders, giving his experience and expertise to the active roster so they yield as few goals as possible. Having played his final year with the Rock in 2012 and having 12 years of playing in the NLL Assistant Coach, Bruce Codd is an excellent member to the coaching team. Third Assistant Coach to The Rock, Rusty Gruger, will focus on the team’s offense, so that other teams have no choice but to react to the aggressive, faster play of the team.
Finishing off the coaching team is the legendary Colin Doyle in the role of Associate Coach. He has been a part of the Rock coaching staff since 2021. He was the former captain of The Toronto Rock and winner of 6 NLL championships and is the all-time leader in every offensive category in Rock history. He will continue to work behind the scenes and at practices to develop the players and lend his offensive expertise to the coaching staff, working to push the team further. Who better to help guide them?

Toronto Rock Lacrosse

Lacrosse Team

The roster is an exciting blend of players that stand out singularly, but also combines their strengths and energies to become a team that is formidable and strong. They have been training and building on their play, creating a solid bank of tactics and strategies to blow away their opponents.
The Active 21-man roster for the 2023-2024 season is listed below, but check out the official The Toronto Rock website for the most up-to-date info out there on –
TRANSITION – Phil Mazzuca and Challen Rogers (Captain)
GOAL TENDERS – Troy Holowchuk and Nick Rose
DEFENSEMEN – Sheldon Burns, Mitch de Snoo, Latrell Harris, Billy Hostrawser (AC), TD Ierlan, Adam Jay, Josh Jubenville, Brad Kri (AC), Brandon Slade and Chris Weier
FORWARDS – Dan Craig, Dan Dawson, Jamison Dilks, Stephen Keogh, Zach Manns, Tom Schreiber (AC) and Corey Small

With this line-up it promises to be an AMAZING season for The Toronto Rock. They were the first Canadian franchise in the NLL and have been making waves in the Lacrosse world since they were founded in 1998 (with the different name of the Ontario Raiders). Their 2023-2024 season will begin with a bye week on the opening weekend of the NLL schedule and their Home Opener at the FirstOntario Centre will be on the 9th of December against Philadelphia. Make sure you snap up your tickets before they’re all sold out and guarantee that you are a part of The Rock’s future that is sure to make ground-shaking Lacrosse history.