Disney On Ice: Magic In The Stars at FirstOntario Centre

Disney On Ice Tickets

FirstOntario Centre | Hamilton, Ontario

Disney On Ice

You have to be there to appreciate all the Disney characters sliding into action on Friday 15th March 2024 at FirstOntario Centre. They tell an amazing story that will leave everyone hypnotized. Yup, this musical has it all wrapped up into one astounding package, from stunning visuals, handsome costuming, a mellifluous musical score and all of this will be delivered through top tier figure skaters. If it isn’t obvious by now, it really should be – this show will sell out very quickly, and you really don’t want to miss out, be sure to get your tickets right now.

If you’ve never been to FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton, then you’re in for a treat! Because this venue is world-renowned for hosting the best all-ages events in Ontario. But why is FirstOntario Centre rated as one of the best venues of 2024? First of all, FirstOntario Centre has a history of bringing five-star entertainers to delight fans that visit their Hamilton location. These talented performance companies do second to none work in offering the best live experiences around. Which would be enough to land FirstOntario Centre on the top of lists around the world. But that’s not all. FirstOntario Centre also has an second to none staff that knows how to take care of their guests. You and your family will get to enjoy the show in cushioned seats and some of the warmest interiors around. Best of all, there are plenty of second to none restaurants, attractions, and things to do near the venue, so you can make a full day of your visit!

Disney On Ice at FirstOntario Centre

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